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Inspired by large light productions at events and festivals, we took all the perks of a sophisticated controller and packaged it into a consumer system that is sleek, innovative and highly functional. Through design and development, we made The Pharaoh the most easy to use, universal and affordable light controller available. 


Music Analysis:

Our patent pending hardware and software samples audio and analyzes the different frequency components (instruments/beats) in real time. The system detects the entire audible spectrum, from the lowest bass, to the highest hi-hats. Because each song is unique, no light show will be the same.

Automatic vs. Pre-Programmed

Automatic: The Pharaoh detects music from a multitude of sources and analyzes audio automatically in real time. Play music through any medium; Pandora, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc. Lights are driven without any complicated software configuration.
Pre-Programmed: DMX controllers are limited by their interface capabilities and require the user to code specific light effects for each song. These systems require technical know-how and are unpractical for the casual music enthusiast.

Light Controller & Power Supply

  • The Pharaoh is a modular two-piece system.
The Light Controller: The autonomous brains of the system that connects in-between the music player and speakers/receiver. It breaks down audio into different frequency components and based on the frequency data, sends commands to the Power Box which control the lights.


Light Controller Switches

The Light Controller has 4 user input switches (settings) which allow the manipulation of the lighting effects. Toggling the switches can be done on the fly without interrupting the music or needing to reset the controller. The switches can even be used in combination with each other!  
  • 7 Channel (default) – Entire audible spectrum is analyzed and the data is used to drive the 7 light channels.
  • 3 Channel – The 7 channels are condensed down to 3 channels; 1 low, 1 mid, & 1 high. Perfect for subtle ambiance lighting or small spaces. Software algorithms detect the most visually appealing frequencies and ties it to the respective light channel.
  • Channel Invert – Changes the frequency-to-light channel assignments. This allows for a new visual experience without having to reconfigure the Power Box.  
  • Never Dark – When the controller detects that no music is playing, random light patterns are cycled through to keep the environment illuminated.  
  • Always On – This mode cycles through hard-coded light patterns at two possible, user selected time intervals. This allows The Pharaoh to be used beyond just driving the lights to the music.


The Power Box

 A universal, 10 Amp/1200 Watt power supply that can drive virtually any lights that plug into a wall. The Power Box receives commands from the Light Controller and activates lights based on the audio data.




The system was designed to interface with a multitude of light sources which provides the user with a variety of display options. Any lights that plug into a wall outlet can plug into The Pharaoh
  • LED strands
  • LED strips
  • LED ropes

Simple to Set up, Easy to Use

Set up: The Pharaoh was designed with simplicity in mind and takes only minutes to connect.



Scalability: Through its modular design and 12 Volt Power Supply, The Pharaoh can scale to fit virtually any size environment. Using our custom LED strands one system can power over 10,000 feet of lights.
Blue tooth Capability: Using most standard blue tooth adapters, The Pharaoh can become completely wireless. Feel free to move freely and change songs on fly without any cords or cables getting in your way.